Welcome to the Robertson She Shed page

About us

Welcome to the ‘She Shed’! This name was enthusiastically adopted by the early starters who took up a rare opportunity offered by the men whose vision it was to have a Men’s Shed for Robertson. Many men’s sheds choose not to engage with the females of their community but this one has. Now that the great new facility has opened the women are happily engaged  with members coming from all over the district to a place where they are welcome.

The She Shed offers women the chance to come together in a fun and welcoming environment to learn new skills such as wood and metal working, to handle all kinds of tools and machinery safely and confidently and to be creative. You can bring your own projects to work on and / or assist with shed projects alongside the men.

Three of the blokes have willingly dedicated their Fridays to teach and assist the ladies with others popping by to help when they can. Some impressive work has already been produced. Those who have the time and inclination usually have lunch together after the activities are done.

The Shed also welcomes support with its fundraising activities which the women have also actively embraced.

The Lowdown

When: 9.30am-1pm each Friday

Membership: Open to all women over 18

Cost: $50 annual membership (incl insurance cover) plus $5 on any day you attend to cover costs of tea, coffee, nails, screws, glues and ……you get the drift.

What to wear: Old fitted clothes which can take some punishment and solid, closed shoes.

What not to wear: Scarves, loose sleeves, dangly jewellery or anything else likely to get caught in something.

What to bring: A sense of fun, curiosity and IDEAS.

What the She Shed means to me

Some reflections of current members:

‘I just love coming here, it makes me happy and I feel like I have a purpose now.’

‘Its great, you can learn and ask for help but you decide what you want to do at your own pace.’

‘I have a stressful, high powered job which is hard to switch off from, but Friday at the Shed allows me to escape. It has also given me a chance to learn new skills and meet some great local women I may not otherwise have met. Lots of energy and fun!’

‘My work wants me full time but I am not giving up my Fridays at the shed’

Our achievements – so far