The Robertson Men’s Shed Incorporated (RMSI) was registered in August 2017. This was after a meeting held in July of 2017 with 7 men who decided to start a Robertson Men’s Shed. Nigel Walker was the instigator of this meeting. I (John Kennis ) was elected to be President and with the other members elected to the committee, we began our quest to get a men’s shed for Robertson.

With no money, we embarked on a quest to raise funds to get a shed established. We planned BBQs, fundraising events, and plans to establish our shed.

We searched for unused buildings with no luck, then sites to maybe build a shed. The Robertson CTC, headed by Jenny Kena, allowed us to use their facility to hold our meetings until we had our own premises. We made an agreement that we would maintain the CTC, in turn, they would allow us to use the CTC and facilities.

We applied for as many grants as we could to purchase equipment and hopefully enough to build a shed. While fundraising we kept searching and in the end made an agreement with the CTC that we would build our new shed on the same lot as the CTC, with agreement from both parties, we then started the process of obtaining permissions from the relevant authorities :

We worked on obtaining, plans, specifications, and costings for the project. Our fundraising efforts raised most of the money for this along with grants from the local council. Now with all this in place, all we needed was to get a big grant to build our shed. This thankfully happened in February 2020 when we were advised by the Hon Wendy Tuckerman MP that we had been awarded our grant of $291,000. 00 to build our shed.

The money came through in May 2020 and with all council approvals in place, we were ready to go. We commenced building in May 2020 and completed the building in December 2020.  The occupation certificate was awarded on the 10th December 2020.

The introduction of opening the shed to women was a great idea and as such women have been part of the shed since the beginning of 2020.